Europe Uncovered 2nd June 2011


Any one booked Europe Uncovered on 2nd June??


Yes I am booked on this tour - joining in Paris


oh yes i think i spoke to you on another page:) was seeing if anyone new had come on the Forum.

Im getting very excited. 42days:)


Hey guys!

I’ve just joined this tour as well! I’m really excited to explore Europe for the first time, and it’ll be awesome to travel with you guys! Can’t wait! :slight_smile:



Hey Guys,

My girlfriend and I are also joining this trip. Its gona be amazing. Cant wait, 22 working days to go haha. Also joining the tour in Paris. Cant wait to meet everyone.


thats good to hear you are joining in paris -so am I!

I belive we meet at the hotel at 5pm on june 2nd.


great to hear from you guys:)

not long now B-)