Europe Uncovered 29 Aug - 20 Sep & Greek Island 18 Aug - 27 Aug


Hi There,

Just wondering if anyone is doing the Europe Uncovered or the Greek Islands Hopper for these dates?
I’m travelling alone and would love to chat to someone I’m from Melbourne, Australia


I want too, to discover Europe …



Hey I’m doing the same Greek Island one! I’m from Auckland, New Zealand :slightly_smiling_face:


Omg really :blush: are you travelling alone or with a friend?


I’ll be travelling with a friend. Ahh Greece is going to be amazing, really looking forward to it!


Myself and a friend are doing Europe Uncovered but starting on 15th August.
We were going to do Greek Island hopper after the tour but heard bad reviews so we decided just to do it ourselves.


Hey Bec, I’m doing the Greek Island Hopper from August 30, I don’t know if that links up with you or not though


Hey Bec!

I am doing the Greek Island Hopper!

I’m 19 from Brisbane, Australia!

Would love to chat


hi Bec,are u going to go to Santorini?I would love to go there