Europe Uncovered 28 July - 18th August 2016


Hi all, my husband and I are about to book the Europe Uncovered starting 28th July 2016. Keen to hear from anyone else booked on this trip, it would be great to get in contact with a few fellow Topdecker’s. We are from Queensland, in our late 20’s and early 30’s and it will be our first time in Europe. Pretty excited, the trip looks great. Anyone gone with Topdeck before that could provide some tips? Cheers Rachel


Hey Rach!

I just booked this exact trip a couple of weeks ago!

I finished the Discover Winter tour in February this year and absolutely loved it and just needed to get back to see it in a different season (with a few different stops compared to the Winter itinerary).

Did you guys end up securing a spot? :slight_smile:

I am more than happy to share my trip experiences with you and am always up for a chat! :slight_smile:


Hi Rachel,

I am travelling on this tour! I am very excited about it.

I’ll be 24 travelling alone, from Adelaide, however Kelsey and I know each other so I am lucky hat I know someone.

This is going to be a great experience. I have been to London and Paris before but all the other places are just going to blow my mind.

Have you managed to secure a spot on thus tour?


Hey guys, yes we are all booked in and can’t wait. Great to hear from you. We have no clue what to expect but from all accounts Topdeck seems to be a great way to get around Europe.


It will be terrific to meet you guys!

I am so happy to hear you guys are all booked in too! Yay!

I will be 23, travelling alone and from Adelaide too!

Because I am too excited, I just want to talk about the trip and learn more about yourselves haha! I guess my experience with Topdeck was a good one, hence why I am coming back to do another tour haha!

The hotel option (as you probably would have discovered!) is great for couples as the twin share thing means you guys get to stay together haha! In Florence last time we met another Topdeck group doing the Club style tour and they were very much more into the party scene (which is totally cool, but for a nanna like myself, made me realise I made an excellent choice doing the hotel one). Even though my opinion is only based from my experience, I found our group to be quite well rounded with people who enjoyed a couple of nights out, but seemed to be a little more mature :slight_smile: (Minus the immature puns and jokes and banter haha, but all in good fun!)

Things I learned from my first trip:

  • If you get Euro coins (especially 50 cents and 1 euros) - keep them, when you are busting to go to the toilet, it’s nice to know you can get to the toilet haha!

  • Learn to get comfy on the bus! Our driving days can range anywhere from 3-7hrs roughly. Although after all the exploring you do, the bus time is a nice time to chill out and look out the window!

  • If you get impatient waiting for the lift in the hotel lobby (because you have a whole group trying to use them with their luggage, and the lifts are quite small in most places). Make sure you have bags that are easy to manage lugging up the stairs :smiley:

  • Bring a power board to connect to your European adapters! I learned the hard way with my single outlet haha!

  • Doing the extra optional activities are totally worth it!

I could ramble on forever but I would love to hear more about you guys! What are you guys looking forward to most with the trip? :slight_smile:


Hey Kelsey, Some great tips there thanks. Yes, we thought the hotel option would suit us a bit better being a bit older and while it’s great to go out we probably couldn’t keep up the pace of the young ones like we used to :slight_smile:

We are pretty much just looking forward to everything! We will be leaving the rest of the group in Amsterdam and staying with a friend there for a few days before flying home, so that will be cool to.

Wondering what is the accommodation like? How did you find it?

Cheers Rach


Hey Rach!

That is so cool you get to see your friends in Amsterdam! It’s a pretty cool city!

As for the accommodation, it varies. Generally speaking from my experience all were clean and tidy. The one in Paris is VERY small BUT its location makes up for it as its in the heart of the city! The best accommodation I found is in Engelberg and Amsterdam for cool character and comfort. The ones in Italy are a little on the outdated side but I think over all it’s what’s to be expected :slight_smile:

I will look over my old trip notes to see if I can flick through some links of what was used in the past. Obviously some hotels may vary depending on availability but you can at least get an idea if you want :slight_smile:


Hi All,
Booked this tour also!
First time solo traveler to Europe from Melbourne.
Can’t Wait :smile:


Hey Thomas, great to hear! look foward to meeting you and having an awesome time :grinning: Thanks Kelsey for the tips :slight_smile:


No worries at all, Rach!

And yay Thomas! It will be awesome to meet you! It’s so nice to touch base with you all in the lead up!

Exciting times ahead!


Hey Guys,

I am so excited for this trip. Coming from Adelaide as a solo traveller. However I do know Kelsey quite well so that helps my nerves a little bit.

Is everyone getting to London beforehand or pretty much flying in the night before?

This trip is going to be amazing!

I also chose the hotel tour because 1) I can’t handle partying every minute of everyday 2) i want to remember my trip and not be a sleep while the world goes past us on the bus.

My last time in Europe I did only London and Paris with another tour company and I would recommend the extra activities. Power board like Kelsey said is a great idea. I am just way to excited only 97 days til I leave Australia!! Keen!!

For those AFL fans, if we have wi-fi we can watch the game if we are ever board!


Yes me 2! I booked the Hotel Tour because the itinerary fitted with what I wanted to do, plus the extra comfort will be awesome. I’ll admit I do love the party scene but not expecting to do it every night haha. The 29th of July is my birthday so it will be great to go out in town for that :smiley:

I’m heading to the UK early to explore London!
79 Days now


Hi everyone!,

My partner Matthew and I have booked this tour too. It is our first trip to Europe and we are both so excited!. I have started a Facebook group to get to know each other before we meet up. It’s title is: Topdeck Europe Uncovered - July 28th - August 18th 2016.

My partner and I are mid 20’s and both from Adelaide.