Europe Uncovered 26th May


Hey is anyone on this tour? Just want to see if I can get in contact with anyone before hand as I am travelling by myself on this tour.



I’m going on the first part of this tour - Roman Road - finishing in Rome. If I’ve understood correctly I’ll be in your tour group but will leave the group in Rome. I’m also travelling solo so hoping to meet some nice people along the way.



Hey Kate, thanks for the response, will look forward to meeting you for the first part, where are you going on to from Rome?



Hi Kat,
After the tour I have 3 days in Rome then I’m doing Bravo Italia, which goes to several places all around Italy.


Hi Kat and KateJ

My boyfriend and I will both be on this tour Im so excited only 8 weeks to go and Im really looking forward to it. Looking forward to meeting you guys. Are you staying in Europe after the tour Kat?




Hi Shazza - I look forward to meeting you and your boyfriend. It feels like the trip is approaching so quickly. I’m really excited too!!

Kat - I’ll be in London for a few days before the tour starts. Feel free to send me a pm if you’re interested in meeting up in London.



My wife and I are on this tour too. Looks like there will be a few Aussies there :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!


Thanks Kate, are you staying at the Umi in London? We will be at the Umi from a couple of days before as well.

Sounds like there where be a good mix of couples and singles and plenty of Aussies, see you all in May ;D YAY


I arrive in London on May 20 and staying at YHA London Central for the first 5 nights then staying at Umi just for the night before the tour.



Hi all,
Look forward to meeting you all, great to have so manny Aussies on this tour.
Kate- I arrive in London on the morning of the 25th so we might have time to catch up, depending on how much sleep I get on the flight, I tend not to deal well with jet lag, but I’m staying the weekend there after our tour. I wish I was doing more of Italy, that will be my next trip I think, you’ll have to let me know how it goes.
Shazza- Hey I have the weekend in London after the tour then I’m doing a week around Scotland. What are you guys doing after the tour? I’m staying at the Umi on the 25th before the tour too.
I can’t believe how fast it is coming up… I hope I’m going to be ready!!


More time would be awesome, I would love to do more of Italy, France and maybe even Spain but there just isn’t enough time and $$ in the world haha. Scottland should be good though. We are planning to abandon the tour on the last day so we can spend a couple of extra nights in Amsterdam before flying from there to Athens for 10 nights in the Greek islands. I am soooooo ready for this trip. It feels like has been forever in the planning.


Hello, I’ll be on the second part of the tour and meeting you guys in Rome on the 3rd, really excited for it!

I get to the hotel in Rome on the 2nd when you get there so could meet at the hotel maybe? Really want to see the Vatican on this day and not sure we get the time to on the 3rd…

Looking forward to meeting you all!