Europe Uncovered 26th April


Hey guys! Is anyone else going on the europe uncovered tour starting april 26th? Looking to find out who else is joining me :slight_smile:


Hi Lauren
Yes my wife and I will be on this tour too. Not long now!!! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Not long now at all! Looking forward to meeting you guys!


:)Likewise Lauren…its gonna be a blast. We are joining the tour in Paris. We haven’t found many others on our tour though, have you found any more of us?


No not many at all :s however its a guarenteed departure so there must be enough people for the tour to go ahead! I found a few people on facebook but thats it!


Hi guys,

My Husband (Lindsay) and I will be on this tour… only 3 more weeks!!


Hubby (Dan) and myself are also on this Tour - leaving AUS for Abu Dhabi for 2 nights, 3 night in London then the tour - getting very excited & look forward to meeting you all… there is also a group on the facebook page that has a Rachel, Lauren, Cameron & a Sarah on it too, that with Bree & Kyuss (and I’m assuming Lauren below is the same as the fb lauren) it’s starting to fill up the bus ;D
If anyone else is staying at the Umi Hotel, Dan & I will be there from the Monday night until the tour leaves, feel free to let us know if you would like to catch up for a drink beforehand… looking forward to it!!!


Hey everyone!! Only 10 more sleeps til we are on our tour… so excited. Can’t wait to finish work on Friday and finally relax & enjoy all this planning I’ve done. We arrive in London next Tuesday morning but are staying at a different hotel nearby to Umi for a couple of nights before we leave.
I’ve been on facebook to look at the messages for our group but I don’t know if any of my messages have worked - it keeps coming up with some stupid error :frowning:
Anyway, can’t wait to meet everyone and have heaps of fun… see yas all soon :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!!
Bec I will be at the UMI from monday as well, definately keen for a drink!


Bree, I’ve also noticed the fb forum seem sto have a bug :frowning:

We leave AUS tonight, count down is ON!!

Can’t wait to meet you all & take-on Europe together!! ;D