Europe Uncovered 26 May - 16 June 2016


Hi Everyone,

My name is Stacey and my husband’s (still getting used to saying that!) name is Mike. We are both 26 and are from New Zealand :slight_smile: We have decided to do this tour for our honeymoon! We are so excited to make some new friends and see what Europe is all about.

Please let me know if you are on this trip with us as we would love to meet you before we go! nothing like knowing someone beforehand!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks? this is our first trip to Europe (hopefully not the last)!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Hey I am booked on this trip too!

I am from Australia and am travelling on my own! I am very excited to meet everyone!
I did Topdeck through America so if you have any questions let me know!

I will be in London a couple days before and would be keen to meet before hand :slight_smile:



Awesome :slight_smile: can wait to meet you!! any tips would be greatly appreciated! We have a few days in London before hand and are staying at the hotel the night before.

I’ve tried to get the Topdeck app going on my phone but it keeps dropping all the information that I enter… but I see there is a group chat with a couple of people in there.

Hope youre having a fab day :slight_smile:


Yeah I couldn’t get the app chat to work! Maybe we could try and get a group page up and running :slight_smile:

yeah I arrive on the 24th so I will have some time seeing London!


That could be a great idea!! Are you staying at the hotel the night before? We could meet up then?


Hey yeah, I am, I have tickets to see the lion king though.


Hey guys im on this tour too! Im travelling on my own and im from melbourne :slight_smile: im staying at the hotel the night before as well so would be great to meet up!


Hey @Nat1!

Cant wait to meet you. We should defs meet up night before! Picking up all our tickets tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
My name is Stephanie and my husband (Jurrel) and i are booked for this trip as well, @Stace02 it’s our delayed honeymoon also hahah! we are staying at the hotel the night before as well, so we are down for a catch up if others are :slight_smile:


Hey @Stephanie_Hallaby! Awesome! Congrats on your wedding!!! I think having a catch up night before is a plan! cant wait to see you all. we leave in 8 days!!!


Hi, I’m also going on this trip. Doing the solo traveller thing. Very excited to see so many different countries.