Europe Uncovered - 25th August


My girlfriend and I are booked to go on the Europe Uncovered tour leaving on the 25th August. Anyone else on here going on the same trip??


Hey Ravi,
I’m also going on this trip with my girlfriend. When do you arrive in London?



Hi Vince,

We arrive 6am London time on the 23rd. So we will have 2 full days to explore London. We will be staying at the Umi Hotel for 2 nights before the trip. Really looking forward to it. We just paid our final deposit on the weekend!!

Have you got any plans after the trip? The day after we the trip we are going to Octoberfest for a week :smiley: then we have a week spare to explore at this stage the UK/France before we go home.

Ravi & Jo


Hi Ravi,
We’re also staying at Umi Lodge and getting in a couple of days before the trip. We have some day tours planned around London prior to starting the tour. After the tour we’re going to Vienna and Budapest on a Contiki tour.
Have you firm plans for dinner in London on the 24th August? We’re booked for dinner at a restaurant called the Fat Duck in London at 9 pm on the 24th August.
I actually have the booking for 4 people i.e 2 spots on the table are free, so if you and Jo want to join us for dinner that night please let me know.
Look forward to seeing you on the trip,



Hi Vince,
I never heard of the fat duck? looks very…posh lol. i figure it must be popular if you have already made a booking? anyway thanks for the offer, i will chat to my gf about it when i see her this weekend and get back to you.

At the moment we have not booked any day tours in London but we maybe get cracking and do a little bit. what were you doing? you recommend anything?

Looking forward to catching up with you on the trip also

Ravi & Jo


Hi Ravi,
Yes one could say that it is a rather posh restaurant. Once it was the world’s best restaurant and now it is ranked number 3 in the world.
I booked Fat Duck early as it’s hard to get a booking there. The meals are apparently quite amazing and very unique. The head chef Heston Blumenthal practices molecular gastronomy and has his own chemistry lab to create food.
My gf and I are going for the once-in-a-lifetime dining experience there but as we currently have 2 spare seats on our table you and Jo are most welcome to join us for dinner.
As for what we are doing on the 23rd and 24th of August - we will be going on Grayline tours of London and the surrounds. Grayline are a good company and organise excellent day tours.
On the 23rd August we are doing the Grayline Total London Experience with Lunch:
On the 24th August the Discover Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace tour:

Will be good to catch up in London. Cheers,



Hi Ravi,
Have you given more thought to whether you can dine with us at Fat Duck on the 24th? And how are your day tours going? Any thoughts about where you want to go in the London area and surrounds prior to the trip?



Hey mate. Sorry for the late reply. It’s been a bit of a busy week…

We really appreciate the offer to join you for dinner but unfortunately we have to decline as the price to go there is something outside our budget…However, I am sure we will have plenty of opportunities during the tour to have dinner together :slight_smile:

As for tours…we arrive in the morning on the 23rd so we have decided just to do a little bit of exploring on our own and make our way from the hotel through Hyde Park and over towards Big Ben and the London Eye. Google Maps thinks its about an hours walk but at an exploring pace its prolly going to end up like 3 hours lol plus we plan to stop at Hard Rock cafe which is about hald way in between our destination. what will you be doing the night of the 23rd? we have no plans so far?

on the 24th we have pretty much settled on going on the “Open Top London Bus tour with Afternoon Visit to Stonehenge” tour with Premium Tours

Positives are they will pick us up from the hotel and they will be using one of those double decker red buses for tghe london tour in the morning then we go over to Stonehedge in the afternoon which is something we are really both keen to see.

As i have said, we are going back to Munich for the opening week of Octoberfest after the tour and then we are almost settled on going back to Paris for our last week so we can take in some of the other sites there like disneyland, and the museums and art galleys. One of the plans is to go see the Mona Lisa!!

Looks like its past my bedtime so i will leave it there for now…

talk soon,
Ravi & Jo


is there anyone else out there going on this tour?


Hey Ravi,
I’ve been caught up with work too - rather hellish at the moment. That’s okay about not being able to make it as I’m sure we’ll find interested parties. On the 23rd we’re going to dine out at Clos Maggiore a fine restaurant in Covent Garden. By the way it’s not that all that into fine dining but because it’s London it’s good to take advantage of what’s out there especially if we don’t know when we’ll next back in London.
Got my vouchers and plane tickets today. I have to say the Topdeck tour as outlined looks pretty flash and will be a treat.
This topic has had at least 125 views Ravi and neither you or I could account for that many … haha so I think there are people reading.
Not long to go now. See ya soon!



hey vince,

that looks like a nice restaurant also. you are right as it should be about the experience. i might have a think and see if we might go there also seeing we will be most likely close to there on the 23rd.

so have you got something in the mail from topdeck? we finalised payment over 2 weeks ago but we have not received anything in the mail? i wasnt sure but thought they would as contiki have sent me some stuff for our octoberfest tour.

talk soon mate

Ravi & Jo


Hey Ravi,
Yes Clos Maggiore is a good restaurant. I’ll be dining there at 8 pm. As for getting the Topdeck stuff… i’m sure you’ll be sent the info soon if you haven’t received it already. We booked through Flight Centre and i’ve picked up most of my stuff including Topdeck. If you haven’t received anything by the end of the week and you booked independently best to give them a call.
Not long now,



We booked independetly so we called them earlier in the week and they advised the stuff they emailed to us was what we needed for the trip.

Im excited and nervous at the same time. im usually a very heavy packer so i am really going to shed a lot of clothes to fit under the 20kg limit and most of all…im glad we didnt have to do visas!! that would have been a nightmare lol


If you read this before the tour we are looking forward to meeting you all on the trip…

Ravi & Jo :slight_smile: