Europe Uncovered 25th August 2016



   My girlfriend and i are booked on this tour leaving on the 25th and seeing who else is on this same one.


hi chris, i just booked this tour. im travelling solo and this will be my first trip to europe, but im really excited. where are you guys from? im from sydney.


We’re from shoalhaven heads. 2 hours south of Sydney. Its Amanda (girlfriend) and mine first time over there too. So starting to get excited for it.
When you getting into london?


I fly out of Sydney on the 22nd August so arrive in London on the 23rd August


We’re doing a greek islands tour before it so we’ll be flying out of athens to get to london. We get there 22nd.
You staying at burns hotel beforehand? Were staying just around the corner from it.


Most likely yes.


yeah we were looking at staying there but found one just around the corner a lot cheaper. so just shop round in that area but just remember that they pick us up at 6am in the morning at burns hotel.

we’ve been looking at places to go out for a drink with some ppl on the tour before it starts