Europe Uncovered - 23 August-14 September


Hi guys, anybody else looking at doing the Europe Uncovered trip from the 23rd of August until the 14th of September?

I have not booked yet but will be very soon. I see that it is not a ‘guaranteed’ trip yet, so hopefully it will go ahead.

30 year old (well I will be by the time the trip starts) male solo traveler from New Zealand. I have somehow, by some miracle, managed to get 6 weeks off work for this and I am considering having a few days in Singapore on the way back. Would be good to hear if anyone else is heading back to NZ/Aussie and keen to spend a couple of days drinking Singapore slings.


Hey mate, I’ve booked the same trip but for the week before august 02 which is a guarenteed trip. Maybe consider reshuffling dates so you dont get disappointed? Just an option! :slight_smile:


Yeah I did consider that. Changing dates at work might be an issue. Will see what happens.