Europe uncovered 21st July- 11th August


Hey, I’m doing this tour on my own. I’m from Perth and just wondering who else will be doing this one?



I am looking at doing this trip too! I am from the UK but live in Dubai, I will also be on my own.


Hi girls, my best friend and I are doing this tour. We are from Melbourne. So excited!!! :slight_smile:



I need to book, I’m a bit scared about aybe the oldest on the trip … hopefully I can just blend in with the youngsters!


Hey, don’t worry about age. I’m 25 :blush: I’m so excited and can’t wait.


Yeah, don’t worry about age! Not long to go now!! :smile:


Hey Emma did you end up booking?


Deciding between this and the slightly shorter one that leaves Saturday July 23rd… hmmmm

I need to get organised!

Em x


Hey! I’m doing this tour with my best friend Sophia! We are both from Melbourne Australia… Can’t wait to do this! :smiley:



I will be on this tour on my own as well! It’s my first time traveling alone and I’ma little bit nervous, but excited. 25 years old From Auckland, NZ :slight_smile:


Hey! Im Hayley 26, first time doing a trip by myself overseas.
Im from Brisbane but totally excited to meet you all :blush:


Oh my gosh almost a month till our trip. I’m nervous too but excited to meet you all :blush: