Europe Uncovered - 21 June



Just interested to see who else doing Europe Uncovered leaving 21st June. I’m going solo so would be cool to hear from some others who are going.



I’m doing the Europe Uncovered Tour on 21 June and am also traveling solo.


I’m doing the Europe Uncovered Tour on 21st too. I’m travelling with my boyfriend.
Are you staying at the Umi hotel before the tour starts?


Hi Laura,
I’m booked in at the Umi hotel prior to the tour starting.


Hi Girls

I ended up booking somewhere else down the road for a couple of days before the tour because it was twice the price to get a double bed when travelling solo with Umi but did initially book in for there after the tour. I might have to come check it out the night before we leave

Its getting pretty exciting now


I’m so excited!!!
can’t wait for uni to be over so i can start packing etc. haha

we should meet up for a drink or something before the tour starts!!