Europe Uncovered 21 July 2011


Hello just trying to find some fellow touries :slight_smile:


Hi Fleur

I am on the europe uncovered tour that leaves 21 july



hey iā€™m so glad to have met someone who is also on this tour i was starting to thinking no one was on it. Are you traveling alone?


I know what you mean, I was thinking the same thing.
Yes I am travelling alone.
I arrive in London 3 days before our tour starts.


Ahh cool London is an awesome city as I live in England i will be traveling up on the day of the tour. Iā€™m excited and nervous :slight_smile: Iā€™m sure it will be an awesome experience tho. Im 19 and im on my gap year before staarting uni in september so cant wait to finally get some traveling in :slight_smile: