Europe Uncovered 2013


Hey, hey! I am booked for May 2, 2013! Is anyone else going on this tour??


I’m booking this tour in the next few weeks :slight_smile:


Hey Maddie! That’s awesome!! Are you going to meet with the group in London or Paris?


Hi, I have just booked the trip today ;D. Starting in London and staying at the UMI for 3 nights prior to departure. Anyone else staying there before the tour leaves?


Me and my husband are going on this tour too. We are going to start in Paris though…


I just booked this tour commencing 30th May 2013 out of London - so excited :slight_smile: any others on this tour yet?


Yep… Am also booked in for 30th May 2013 (also out of London). So excited… Counting down the months :slight_smile:


Hi Karlene & Sim, I booked the tour for the 30th May yesterday, out of London! Its going to be a long 7 months waiting for May!


Are you guys traveling alone or with friends/partners?



My partner and I are doing the Europe Unplugged 2 May 2013
So exciting cant wait fingers crossed we get amazing weather.


Hey Goose, are you and your partner going to be in London before May 2? I am going to be arriving there on the 1st.


Hey Alice :slight_smile:

We will be i think we are going to try arrive atleast a couple of days before hand, havnt got our plane tickets yet as my mother is a travel agent and we are waiting on best pricing. how old are you and where abouts ya from?



Hey Goose! I’m from Canada and I’m in my late 20s. How old are you and your partner? I see you are a kiwi, which is awesome! Ooh nice. I have my plane tickets but still need to book my accommodation in London. I’m going to try and stay at the hotel where the tour departs from. We should all meet up before the tour if you guys are down. B-)


Yeh i think we might do that unsure yet as i have a couple of friends that live there so i might see if i can stay with them but def we should catch up before hand might be easier for us to stay at that place the night before because it will be an early start.
I am 22 and my partner is 25, we sure are kiwis we are lots of fun haha!! ;D

what is the place called you will be staying? i dont have my paper work with me at work.


Nice!! Get to visit friends and save some money on accommodation. I believe the name of the hotel is the Umi hotel. I was going to stay at different hotel and then I saw that we depart at the Umi at 6 am or 630, some crazy early time. Haha. So made sense for me to stay there. I look forward to meeting you guys. It should be an amaaazing time! B-) ;D


i think so too Alice :slight_smile: cant wait. will see you in may will good to meet you too ;D


Just booked the tour for May 2 - going to be great!


Just booked the 9th May tour - can’t wait!! :slight_smile:


I’ve tried to book this tour for the 2nd of May but it was under “limited availability” :frowning:
Still waiting to hear back from TopDeck about space.

If not this tour then it’ll be European Odyssey departing May 4th.

Regardless of departure date I’ll be arriving in London on April 29th after a short trip to Iceland, in the event that anyone else is going to be there early and would like to meet.

I’ll be travelling solo, girlfriend stuck in Australia due to costs/leave :S


Hi Michael,

Hopefully you can get on this tour for May 2nd but either way, the other tour sounds pretty awesome too. I was almost going to go on that one but decided I wanted to take a bit of a longer trip. I will be in arriving in London in the morning on May 1st, so I’d definitely be down for meeting up, since I am also travelling solo and don’t know anyone over there. :-/