Europe Uncovered 2013 - 13th June - 4th July


Hi Everyone!
Myself and two of my friends are going to be going on the Europe Uncovered tour in 2013 from the 13th of June to the 4th of July.
Anybody going on this tour?! Or anybody who has been on this specific tour and can offer some tips or stories??
Looking forward to hearing from people!

  • Anna :slight_smile:


We are going to have so much fun :slight_smile: hopefully B-)


Me and my wife are booked on this trip also.Still 7 months to wait :frowning:


Hi everyone, my partner and I are also booked to go on this trip, cant wait! so excited :slight_smile:


Hi Everybody!! Great to see we can get in contact with some people before we depart!
How old is everybody?
First time to Europe??


Nice you meet you guys I’m 28 and my wife is 25 from newcastle.

I have been to europe 4 years ago, but this is my wife’s first time. I have been to some places the tour goes to but will be great to get a more in depth this time.

If you guys have facebook there is a topdeck meet though there. This is the link.


Hey Guys,

I just booked for My Boyfriend and Myself… I dont think I can contain my excitement!!!


I put a deposit on this trip (13th june-4th July) yesterday. I cant wait!!! This will be my second time overseas and first time to europe. Im looking forward to meeting everyone!!!.


Hi everyone,

I’m Emily. My friend and I are also on this tour - we are both 24! We are from the Newcastle area aswell. Neither of us have been to Europe before. All paid! Counting down the days! Looking forward to an amazing 3 weeks. x


Does anyone have any idea when this tour date is going to be guaranteed departure? at the moment the status says just available.
I really want to start booking everything around it but don’t want to until it is guaranteed


My travel agent told me that it was pretty much guaranteed about two weeks ago Sandra. Apparently topdeck require at least 20 people to run a trip and about 23 had been booked on this tour already!! See if you’re travel agent can find out for you!!


I keep forgetting to look on here!!!
It is guaranteed departure now, but you probably already all know that! :slight_smile:
Me and my two friends are all 23 !
Has anyone done a Topdeck tour before??


Hi, Hubby and I are booked on the Venetian Trail which joins onto this tour in Rome, also from Sydney. Really looking forward to meeting everyone and having loads of fun.