Europe uncovered 2012 may 31st


Hi, i know its a long way off, but is there any one else doing the europe uncovered tour on May 31st. I’ll be travelling with my husband Ken. Ity’ll my 2nd overseas trip and his 1st time overseas. Pretty excited.


47 views. no one must be going. :frowning:


Unfortunately not going on this one but I have done this tour so happy to answer any questions about it.


im doing the first half of that tour but in sept… is yours a guaranteed departure?? im just hoping mine doesnt cancel!! that would just ruin everything!!


yep we’ve emailed and rung top deck to make sure its garunteed, and theyve said it is. which is great. but will be checking again in the new year to make sure.


Hi, my fiance and I just booked the Roman Road trip for the 31st May 12. This is the first part of the Europe uncovered, so not sure if we will be on the exact same trip.


think you might be on the trip with me. not sure how that works though. but yay.


awesome sounds like a good amount of places karen.


Hi is anyone going on the uncovered Europe hotel on July 12??


Hi there, I’m going on the 2nd leg of the Europe Uncovered tour which is the Venetian Tour and starts in Rome on 8th June, I’m travelling alone from New Zealand and am looking forward to the adventure!


so you’ll have a few days with us then. thats awesome.