Europe Uncovered 2011 (25 Aug - 15 Sep 2011)


Just wondering if anyone has booked on the Europe Uncovered 2011 (25 Aug - 15 Sep 2011) trip yet? Keen to see what other people are doing before and after the trip!


Hi! I am booked on this trip as well. I am coming into london the day before we depart and staying three extra days at the end of the trip to visit around london! Are you traveling alone? I am!


yep I’m also rolling solo on this one! i was going to spend a few day in London before, are you doing much traveling before or after the tour?


im staying in london for 3 days after the tour but thats about it! do you have any plans for what you want to do in the free time we’re given in some places?


to be honest i haven’t really given it much thought! i was just going to look over the things to do while on the bus or just explore. what about you?


Hi there,
Me and my friend Fiona are going on the Europe uncovered 2011 and was seeing anyone who is going on the same tour? It me first time over in Europe and relay excited…