Europe Uncovered 2010 14 July Tour


Hi Guys

I’ve just booked my tour for the 14 July. I’m travelling alone and was wondering if anyone else is on this one :slight_smile:


Ekkkkk Please dont let me think I will be the only one on this tour!!!


This one is a ‘Guaranteed Dept’ so Im sure you won’t be alone… I am doing this tour but commencing on 7 July, so a week prior to you :slight_smile:

Have a great time on your trip and Im sure you’ll find others!


Thanks K MCM…I’m already counting down the days so excited …I hope you enjoy your trip :slight_smile:


Hi There,

My Husband Chris and I are booked on this tour for our honeymoon, we live in Salter Point in Perth.

Can’t wait tour sounds fantastic.

Alana :slight_smile:


Hey Alana

Not long now :slight_smile: I live in Maylands… When are you guys flying out??
I’m flying out on the 26th June doing a few weeks in spain and Ireland



We fly out with Malaysian Airlines on the 8th of July to London for 5 nights before tour starts.

We can’t wait, we picked up all our tickets from Flight Centre on Friday which made it more exciting! we have both never left the country before :slight_smile:


LOL the count down begins :slight_smile: Its been awhile since I was OS and first trip going solo
I’m still waiting for my tickets apparently they are being sent out this week…Bring on the shopping :slight_smile: Are you guys staying at the hotel where we are departing the ninth before? maybe we can meet up for a drink before the tour starts…Until then Happy counting down ;D


Whoops should spell check I mean the night before ;D



My friend and I have booked the same tour! :slight_smile: looking forward to it! not long now


Sorry Sammi,

Have not been online for a while, would love to catch up for a drink before the tour we are staying at the Crowne Plaza in St James. I suggest that we try and get in contact via this website once we both Land in London.

can’t wait the count down is now def on :slight_smile:


ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG ;D getting so excited now I’m flying out this Saturday :slight_smile: Sounds good I think I get into London on the 13th July but yeah will make contact once I am there…