Europe Uncovered 2 June 2010


Hey everyone,

I have booked my first tour to Europe (about 4 years after I said I would do it!).

I’m feeling pretty excited already and wanted to check if anybody else has booked this tour? I mean, I’m sure I won’t be the only one on the bus (wow, that would be awkward), but wanted to get to know a few people before hand and see what everyone’s plans are etc. Also, wanted to see if anyone had received their travel docs with details of the accommodation?

Anyway, hope to hear back soon!



Hi John

I am also doing the Europe Uncovered - but not until 7 July.

Just wanted to let you know that I don’t have any official tour documentation yet but I did ask my travel agent to find out details of Hotels for me. If you have not already read the discussion titled “Europe Uncovered 7 July 2010” have a read as I posted the information I got back on the Hotels. Not sure it would be all the same but it would be similar.

Also past travellers have commented on the tour and given info on the optional activities which has been great to read.

Have a great time on your trip!

Cheers, Kate


Hi Kate,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve had a look through the 7 July forum and have found all of the information to be very useful. Now the big countdown begins! Hope you also have an awesome trip :slight_smile:


Hi John,

I’m doing the Europe Uncovered tour on June 2nd as well! See you then :slight_smile: Haven’t received anything from Topdeck yet, the Travel Agent said they don’t send it out until about the month before.



Hey Mel! I’m glad to see another Aussie will be on this tour :slight_smile: From what I have read and heard, this trip is going to be a fantastic experience! Is it your first time to Europe and are you also travelling Solo? I’m thinking about doing the Greek Island Hopper afterwards, starting on June 26, but still weighing up the options!


Hi John and Mel,

Im flying over to London for my best friends wedding the last week of May and im thinking of jumping on this tour afterwards (hopeing to get all booked this week). I must admit im a little nervous iv only been oversea’s once before and id be doing this on my own. It is good to know ill have fellow Aussie’s on the trip :slight_smile: Very excited, just hope i can book it all in time. Hopefully book soon :slight_smile:


Hi John and Cass,

This trip will be my first time overseas, so we can all be inexperienced travellers together! I’m so excited about it :slight_smile: Like the two of you, I’m pleased to hear that there are some fellow Aussies on the tour. I’m sure we will meet lots of nice people when we get over there. Not long now!

Kind regards,


Hi Everyone!

My partner and I will also be travelling on this tour :slight_smile: We’re totally excited as much as you guys all sound!! This is our first time to Europe too… now it’s time for counting down the days… We’re flying into London 2 days before the tour begins and staying at the hotel where the tour beginning pick up is from…
Can’t wait to meet everyone ;D

Cheers, Amy & Michael.


Hi Amy and Michael,

Im all booked and extremly excited ! Im at the Umi as of the 1st June so hopefully catch you all before we leave on the 2nd ! Cant Wait …



Hey Cass,

Thank you for your MSG, yes hopefully we might be able to catch up at the Umi the night before we leave or something… It’s really exciting now :slight_smile: We’re actually flying out in 90 days from today! :slight_smile: I’m really excited about everywhere especially Rome, Croatia and Prague and my partner can’t wait to see Amsterdam. Everyone tells me the weather should be perfect in June for the tour so that makes it all the more wonderful. It’s really amazing to know not only will we meet some amazing people from Oz but also so many different Europeans with so many different languages and accents ;D

happy holiday things and clothes hunting!

Amy :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone,

I’ll be on this tour as well but only the 2nd half, the part that is the ‘Venetian Trail’ that starts when you guys get to Rome. I was only able to get 3 weeks off work (I’m a travel agent) and am spending a week in Greece first. I think the tour will be wonderful - so many beautiful places. I can’t wait. It’s so great to have so many Aussie’s on the tour, can’t wait to meet you all.

Happy planning!!

Chrissy :-[


Hi Chrissy,

My name is Amy and I’ll be on the tour with my bf starting in London. Wow you must love your job, you would be able to go and see so many amazing places! I totally agree that it’s great lots of Aussies are going to be on our tour - and from all around Oz too B-) We’re really excited and can’t believe we fly out to London in 8 weeks :o eeeep… Well all that’s left to do is decide what to pack… ???

Look forward to meeting you and everyone else on our exciting escape ;D

See you in Rome! Amy :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi John, Cass, Amy, Michael, Chrissy (and everyone else on this tour!)

Has anyone got their Topdeck travel documents yet? My travel agent is away until the end of April, so I can’t find out until then :’( If you know about the hotels we stay in etc, can you please put some info up? Thanks heaps.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!



Hi Mel,

How exciting - not long now ! I get mine next week (my travel agent is away to) but if you look on the post for the “Europe Uncovered 9th June” on the Europe community pages - its listed on there !! Iv had a quick look through them and the one in Switzerland looks amazing. Most are alot better than i had expected actually !

Having alot of trouble at the moment organising my packing list - mainly due to the crazy unpredictable weather conditions everywhere right now !

So excited to meet you all - its going to be a fantastic trip ;D



Hi All,

I just booked this tour I’m so excited I can’t wait to meet all of you in June!

  • Rebecca


Hey Everyone!! Great news, our travel agent just called to say come in this afternoon to pick up all our travel documents and flight txt! ;D so… after I show Michael and contain some of my excitement I’ll be sure to post up some info for everyone. Hope you’re all well and are heaps excited as much as we are! Only 19 days til we fly out to London :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk soon guys, Amy & Michael


Hey Mel and everyone else,

I know you were keen to get some info and we just got our travel docs so here is the list of hotels i’ve been given that we are staying at:

First Hotel and Tour meeting point in London : Umi Hotel, 16 Leinster Square, Bayswater. :slight_smile:

Bagnolet - France: Campanile Bagnolet, 28 Av Du General de Gaulle, Bagnolet.

Rigi - Switzerland: Hostellerie Rigi, Kaltbad, Rigi.

Nice - France: Hotel de Berne, 1 Avenue Thiers, Nice.

Florence - Italy: Columbus Hotel, Lungarno Cristoforo Colombo, Florence.

Rome - Italy: Hotel Betthoven, Via del Forte Braschi 2, Rome.

Mestre-Venezia - Italy: Hotel Centrale, P.le Donatori di Sangue, Mestre-Venezia.

Novalja - Croatia: Hotel Loza, Trg Loza 1, Novalja.

Ljubljana - Slovenia: Ljubljana Resort Hotel & Camping, Dunajska, Jezica Ljubljana.

Salzburg - Austria: Hotel Haunspergerhof, Haunspergerstrasse 30, Salzburg.

Prague - Czech Republic, Hotel U Tri Korunek,Cimburkova, Prague.

Berlin, Germany: Hotel Postdamer Inn, Postdamer Str 145, Berlin.

Amsterdam - The Netherlands: Amstel Botel, NDSM - Pier 3, Amsterdam.

then back to the Umi Hotel, Bayswater London for drop off :’(

Hope this helps Mel, Look forward to meeting you all in 3 weeks!! Amy ;D


Hi All

Just dropping a line to say hello! Im on the 2nd June Tour! I am excited and a tad nervous for my first trip to Eurpope (let alone by myself!) I get to London on 29th May for a weekend with a friend who lives over there which will be great then head off on the tour! Im staying at the Umi Hotel whilst im there so no doubt I’ll bump into fellow toursters there! I’ll be the one wandering around with my mouth open saying “wow” alot no doubt. Great to see so many fellow aussies, Im from little old Hobart!

My travel agent has been away so I havent got my stuff from her yet - should I be worried??!!

Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hey Hannah,

I wouldn’t be too worried. after the list of hotels the only other thing that you can’t get on the Top Deck website are the actual dates we are in every city. If you want them now I can send them to you. I get to london on the 27th and I will be at the Umi too I look forward to running in to all you. Let the count down begin!

  • Rebecca

Europe Uncovered June 2 2010
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Greek Island Hopper July 10 2010


Hi Guys,

Well im off in a couple of days to London (all being that this Volcano stays quiet) !! So excited to meet you all. Ill be at the Umi from 31 May, so if any of you are there get in touch and we can take a look around !!! ;D See you soon …