Europe Uncovered 2 June 2010 - packing


Hi Guys,

Need a little help ! I’m going on the Europe Uncovered tour starting the 2 June 2010 (22 days). I’m actually in London and Southampton for 2 weeks prior being bridesmaid for a friends wedding :), I’m having alot of trouble putting a packing list together to cover the both.

Remembering I’m from Perth so I’m used to 28 plus degrees at the moment, iv been told to expect 12 - 18 degree’s in London :o and a little warmer on the tour ! Does anyone know if this sounds right ?

So far my list contains -

1 Jacket
1 Wind/Water Proof Jacket
2 Jeans
3 Tshirts
2 thin cardi/jumpers
1 denim shorts
1 casual dress
1 going out dress
1 dressy top
2 casual singlets

1 pair sandals
1 walking shoes
1 heels
1 ballet flats

Obviously underwear, toiletries etc however what do u think weather wise ? Also I’m staying at the Umi the 2 nights prior and the 2 nights after before flying home … Is anyone else ?

Hope to speak soon




Hi Cass,

Have you seen the pre-tour information now listed on the Europe uncovered Topdeck page? There is a suggested packing list on there. I also found a post on the General tour discussions page of the forum, titled “what to pack”, by Jessivw to be useful. Look for the reply from Larissaeurope2010- lots of things I hadn’t thought of! From what I’ve heard, London/UK is definitely cooler than other parts of Europe!

I’m on this tour as well, staying at UMI for the week beforehand and the night we get back to London. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi Cass,

Your packing list sounds really good, thanx for giving me some ideas! I’ve been talking to friends and family that live in UK and they said we’ll definately need a jumper/hoody and a weather proof jacket, poncho, jeans and cotton/synthetic blend underwear. Luckily our tour is Hotel based ( so we can hang things up around our rooms at night after washing - because a lot of the time European dryers wont work properly). I took Mel that is on our tour, and other past tourers on the forums advice, and had a good look at the Topdeck recommended lists… It is all really helpful, I guess the biggest thing for me anyways is - I’m not from cold climate at all (from Brisbane) so I guess what Londoners consider a “nice” day I’ll probably be cold, so I’m taking a hoody and good quality waterproof jacket for sure! Switzerland will probably be a bit chilly but a nice summer dress and cocktails will be a necessity in Monaco and Croatia! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to meet everyone - Happy packing! Don’t worry I totally agree it is hard deciding what to take, but hey 8/9 weeks til our exciting escape! ;D

Amy :stuck_out_tongue: