Europe Uncovered 1st Sept 2011


Hi, just wondering if anyone has joined this tour. i’m traveling with a friend but i’m wanting to meet other people as well. and i’m also glad this trip has finally gotten the guaranteed departure status lol.


My husband and I are both booked on this tour. It will be my first time to Europe :slight_smile:


Hey Jane, my name is Katie, I’m 22 my boyfriend Michael and I are booked onto the 1st September tour. Getting close now!! Am having trouble thinking about what clothes to pack…what are you thinking? We dont need any Visa’s either do we?


Hey Kate. I know it’s getting real close and i’m getting really excited about this trip LOL. i got this from one of the other travelers from this site and they said they took this:

2 x jeans
2 x shorts
6 tshirts
3 singlet shirts
3 short sleeve going out tops
3 Cardies
2 light jackets
1 warm jacket
1 scarf ( a MUST!!)
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair birkenstocks
1 pair low heels (even the nights you go out, you will do some walking and on cobblestones - a lot of girls did take 1 pair of heels with them and they were fine)
2 pairs of swimmers

and from what i’ve been reading, i don’t think we need a visa.