Hello is anyone doing any of these tours, would be keen to catch up if you are.


Hey Luke

I am going on the Europe Uncovered tour leaving on 19 May now. I was originally booked on a European Odyssey tour, but that tour got cancelled. The Europe Uncovered tour looks even better and it will definitely be a busy 22 days for us!

I am travelling solo on the tour after staying with friends in London for the week before the tour starts. How about you?

Olivia :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

I am also doing this tour…
I am travelling with a friend for the tour but will be travelling as well after.
Are yous just doing the tour or are you exploring on your own after? :slight_smile:


Hey Tiffany

I will be going home the day after the tour ends and will have a couple of days in Hong Kong before going back to Wellington.

Olivia :slight_smile:


oh okay no worries.
Have you been to europe before and if so do you recommend any places i should go?



Hey Tiffany

No I have not been to Europe before. I have only travelled to Australia and the U.S so this trip will be very exciting for me. I would recommend you spend some time in London as there is definitely a lot of sightseeing stuff to do there.



Hey evyone not long to go now, there is a page set up on face book.
if you want to join up we can all keep in contact.