Europe Uncovered 19th April 2017


Hey Guys and Gals.

I’m doing the Europe uncovered tour in April 2017 starting in London on the 19th !!

I’m doing the tour solo and its my first time to Europe so seeing if there is anyone else doing that tour also, love to chat and make some friends before hand :slight_smile:

Hope to chat to you soon :slight_smile:


Hi Casey where are you travelling from? I am thinking of doing this trip in April aswell. I will be flying over there from Australia.


Hi TahliaK, I am thinking of doing this trip too, travelling from Sydney. Have you done a topdeck tour before?


Hey Angie,

I’m flying from Sydney aswell doing this tour. First time doing a tour but can’t wait there are some great people going on this trip. You should def come :slight_smile:


Hi Angie

Nah I’ve never done a top deck before and never been to Europe. A few people that I know have highly recommended them however they’ve done other europe trips with them.

Have you booked? Or still contemplating in whether to go?



Tossing up between this one and another company I came across. I’m traveling solo and 30 so going to decide very soon…


Hi Casey

I am so glad to hear that there is another female solo traveller! this is my first time doing a tour and traveling anywhere by myself so im veeeeeeeery nervous


Hey Ivana,

We have a fb group with everyone that is travelling on this trip. It’s called TOPDECK Europe uncovered April 2017 join us :slight_smile: and we can chat more x


Hey :slight_smile: doing the same trip, travelling from Brisbane and joining the tour in Paris. Looking forward to it and meeting everyone!


Hey Tim :slight_smile:

Yay another one joining in Paris :slight_smile: how exciting only a few weeks to go :grimacing::grimacing:

We have a fb group if you would like to join. Just search Topdeck Europe uncovered April 2017 :slight_smile:

See you soon !