Europe Uncovered 18th August 2011



Just seeing if anyone has booked the Europe Uncovered Tour that starts on the 18th August? I am VERY excited to be going!



Hi Maddie,

Good Morning!

My partner and I are on your tour! I am super excited as well!!!

Are you doing some additional travel as well? Where abouts is home for you.

See you soon,

Bronwyn (and Nic)


Hi Bronwyn and Nick :slight_smile:

Wow its great to hear from others that will be on the tour!!

One of my girlfriends (Manda) and I will be staying in London for 2 nights before the tour starts, then we are staying in London after the tour ends for 3 nights . After that we are off to KL for a few relaxing days! How about you?

Both Manda and I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. How about you and Nick?

Maddie :slight_smile:


Hi Maddie (and Manda),

Sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to you… We are actually from Boronia in Melbourne!!! Sounds like you are not too far away!

We are flying into Paris the day prior to the tour however we will be spending a few days afterwards in London… then back to Disneyland (I’m a BIG kid), Oktoberfest, a week of ? and then a few days in Santorini!.. 6 and a 1/2 weeks all up!

Can’t wait to meet you!

Bron :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Maddie, Manda, Bronwyn and Nic.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile: I will also be going on this tour, but I jump off in Rome. At this stage I will be on my own so it’s nice to chat to you beforehand.

I’m from Adelaide so not too far from you all.

I guess I’ll see you on tour, can’t wait!



Hi people,

I’m also going on the tour, with a couple of days in London before hand and then a couple of weeks after the tour ends to check out the UK.

Im from Perth, so not too close to any of you :slight_smile:

Look forward to meeting you all and am getting pretty exciting now that is just over a month away!


Hi all :slight_smile:

How exciting to hear from a few people who will be on the tour!!

Bronwyn and Nick, Manda and I are not far from you at all! Just over near Knox City. Sounds like your trip is going to be fantastic!! Where are you staying after the tour in London? We are staying just at the Umi hotel as we figure we get dropped off there anyway!

Cant wait to meet all of you in exactly a months time!!! :slight_smile: YAY!!!



Hi all…

I am so pleased to meet everyone…

Manda and Maddie… We must be about 5 minutes away from each other! We will be staying at Umi for at least the first night… then we will see.

Renee… I didn’t know you could jump off 1/2 way! What do you do from Rome…

Stacey… You are a little further away but we are just as excited to meet you!

Is anyone else meeting up with the tour in Paris?

Less than a month now!

Chat soon,



Hi all!

My Wife (Rachel) and I are booked in on this one too. We are also staying at the umi the night prior the tour as well as 3 nights after the tour, before flying back to Sydney.

Looking forward to an awesome trip!

Cheers, Luke and Rach


Hey everyone!

I’m so glad to have found some people on the same tour. It’s my first time overseas and I’m going solo so it’s a little scary!

I am also staying at the UMI Hotel the night before. I land in London 6am on the 17th August.

Not long now! YAY!

Louise B-)


Hi All…

It looks like we are all going to be Aussies!!! :slight_smile:

Only 21 sleeps until we leave for Europe!

See you soon.


PS I think my husband and I might be really old… How old is everyone?



Hi Bron!

I’m 26… How much younger? Haha
Was actually hoping for a more mature crowd, that’s why I chose Topdock over Contiki!

If you guys are on facebook, look up and ‘like’ Topdeck. I’ve posted our tour on the ‘meet people’ section on the left so look it up and we can all see who everyone is!



Dear Louise,

Ok not quite as bad as i thought! I was reading a whole lot of other “posts” and everyone was 18-21 ish (not that it really matters I am sure). I am 31 and my husband is 36 (but some days I swear he acts like he is 10 so I am not so sure about the mature requirement!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sounds like it will be perfect.

Going to try the facebook thing now…

Bron :slight_smile:


Hey all,

Bronny, I’m 30 and Rach is 27, so I’m joining you in the “old” crowd, so to speak! Lol, still going to be a great trip.

Like you Louise we picked this over contiki for much the same reason.

Might go check out the facebook page now



Hi everyone!!

Only a bit over 2 weeks to go!! Sounds like most of us will be staying at the Umi hotel at least the night before the trip so we should all meet up!

Louise, I have looked up Topdeck on Facebook and liked it :slight_smile:

So I will be 24 when we go on the tour (its my birthday next weekend!) and Manda is 23. And we also chose to do this tour instead of Contiki because we thought it would be a little more mature!

Cant wait to meet everyone!! :smiley:



Hey guys

This is so great :slight_smile: I’ll haven’t checked on facebook for a while so I’ll check it out.

2 weeks! Holy crap!

I didn’t notice where everyone is travelling from. I am flying out from Oz on a 26 hour flight the day before so I am going to be soooo jetlagged to start with.

We should all have a night cap before we set off at 6am!

Talk soon

:wink: B-) ;D :slight_smile:


1 week guys! Woohoo!


So exciting!!

Manda and I fly out of Melbourne 12am Tuesday. So we will have 2 nights in London before the tour starts!

A night cap sounds good Lousie :slight_smile:


Sounds great! How would we organise the night cap? :slight_smile:
I’m so nervous now. I’m more nervous about the 26 hour flight on my own than anything else. Eeeeek!

Lou :o


ummmm I dunno? haha If you see a tall blonde (me) with a shorter brunette (manda) at the UMI then say hi?!
We leave on a flight tonight at midnight! sooooo excited!! :smiley: