Europe Uncovered 16th May 2013


Anyone else booked or thinking of booking this trip? Would love to hear from you.


My fiance Dan and I are looking into this one - we originally were booked for the European Odyssey for our honeymoon with a few days either side to spend on our own. Unfortunately our travel agent called this morning to say the tour starting the 18th May was cancelled for lack of numbers… wasn’t meant to be it seems. Have you booked on this tour?


me and my friend Nic have booked it!


we wanted to do the oddessy one as well, this one looks fairly similar though


Hey guys did you end up booking?

I have received my confirmation so this one is going ahead thankfully. Had originally gone with a contiki tour but that was cancelled due to lack of numbers.



Hey all

My friend Sophie and I are booked on this tour. Can’t wait to get started!