Europe Uncovered 15th Sept - 6th Oct


Hi everyone. I’m going on this tour alone… Who else is going!? Xx


Hey Jess!

I am joining this tour during those dates too! :slight_smile:



Yay!! I’m so excited for it. Where are you coming from? You can message me on 07478636282 if you want :slight_smile:️ Xx


hi Jess. I’m from Melbourne, and yourself?

I can’t wait till September, have been counting down for a few months :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome. I’ve been in London a year and a half and a half now but from Auckland :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! Just jumping on the community convo bandwagon. I’ll be doing this tour as well… alone :stuck_out_tongue: Whats good? Who else is going?! I’m from NZ


glad to hear that you’re coming too! Jess had to change the date of her tour :frowning:
when are you flying over to europe?


Hi all, I’m from New Zealand and am travelling alone. I’ll be joining the Europe Uncovered tour halfway through for the second leg of the tour (in Rome on 23 September). It would be cool to have a chat to other people on tour. I’ve also set up a chat thread on Topdeck Travel Facebook page (check out Europe Uncovered or Venetian Trail). Cheers, Gina