Europe Uncovered 14th July


Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone is going on the 22 day Europe Uncovered starting on the 14th of July??



Hi Sare,

My boyfriend and I are going on that tour! we are also from Sydney. We can’t wait!



My husband and I are booked on that trip too!!!

We’re from Adelaide and currenly don’t know anyone else going.

We are really looking forward to it!!


Oh great!!! im sure there will be lots of us Aussies on it!

Cant wait to meet you all!

We are so excited for the tour


We are planning but haven’t booked yet.
Hope we can make it.


Hey guys!

My friend and I are booked on the tour too! we’re two 19 yr old girls from Adelaide! cant wait… only 4 and a bit months to go!

See you all there :slight_smile:


Hi All,

So excited & counting down the days until this trip…we’re a Melbourne couple booked in too!!

Sounds great, can’t wait to meet you soon!!

;D Joey