Europe Uncovered - 13th September


Hey Guys,

Just wondering who is going on this tour departing 13th September from London.

Would love to meet some people before i get there/hear from anyone that may have been on the tour before as well.

Look forward to hearing from you guys, and where you come from!

Jen :slight_smile:


I’m still debating whether to do this tour or another, but as of right now, i’m leaning towards this one! I’m Katie, solo traveler, American. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Single traveller, Aussie and celebrating 21st would love to get to know you before departing. :slight_smile:



hi people , going solo in Europe and looking for some people to hang around with! im from Perth and looking for people to travel with!


Hey guys,

I’m from Tasmania and traveling solo too! Really looking forward to this trip.

Im spending a couple of days in London before our trip starts, what’s everyone else’s plans?

Bree what a fantastic way to celebrate your 21st :slight_smile:

Look forward to getting to know you all :slight_smile:



@Bree-I bet I speak for everyone when I say we’ll make sure you have a crazy fun birthday!


Hey guys :slight_smile: how is everyone doin? i’m looking at maybe booking this tour too…still deciding (so many to choose from)! I’m travelling by myself also, am kinda relieved i’m not the only one. Hey Jen, what are your plans while in london?


Its great to see more solo travelers I was worried to start with that I would be the only one!!
I’m spending 4 days in London doing some hop off hop on tours, Windsor castle and Buckingham palace tour and Leeds castle.
Super excited!

Have you booked anything at this stage? :slight_smile:


hey again, no i haven’t booked anything yet (i know crazy right, as i arrive in europe around 28th august). reason being i was initially travelling with a friend, but she’s bailing on me :frowning:
your london tours sound great, which company are you using? do you know anyone in london?
i also really want to see spain, so am looking into that by myself as well. it’ll be my first time in europe, so am nervous going by myself! can’t wait until i start getting things booked, then i think the excitement will kick in :slight_smile:


Thats is crazy!! i booked in April only because of work and i knew once i booked and started to pay i was going!!! No turning back!
For the London tours I went through the travel agent and they booked through Tempo holidays. I dont know anyone in London so im a bit nervous about spending a couple of days alone, but im sure it will be fine!! I had a couple of friends who were really keen to go but then bailed out too. They cant believe im going by myself. I wanted to go to spain too but im having enough time off this time around, im looking at going again next week to Spain, Portugal and spending more time in Paris.

I think you should come on this tour!!! Its going to be great!


you guys will love it. enjoy it. just got back from the may one.


Jen - Haha yeah i know once i book it’s definite, just gotta do it… sounds like you’re in a similar situation to me then. my friend lives in sweden & i wasn’t even going to do a tour, we were just going to do our own thing & now i’m left hanging, so a tour is the best option for me. I’m still determined to go & have an awesome time! did it endup costing you more to organise your london tours through a travel agent? well if you’d like some company in london i’d love to catchup, as i only know a couple of people over there and they’re not really close friends. have you booked accommodation? what a shame you’re limited on time, you could’ve come to spain with me. i’m probably going to book into a hostel in barcelona & meet people that way, or do a short tour.

KateNken - thanks for the message. any tips for us?? did you find you were lugging your backpack around heaps? what were your highlights?


Doing a tour is the best way! Once Ive been to europe, next time I will be fine to do my own thing!!
The travel agents didn’t put any mark up on any London tours (which was good because I thought they may do!) and I would love to hang out the days before the tour starts. Will you be staying with people on London? I’ve got accommodation booked in London about 2 walking blocks from where tour starts because I couldn’t get in to the clink is it?
Its a pity about the limit of time :frowning: I bet it don’t want to come home!!

So are you thinking of doing this tour and then going to Spain to do a smaller tour? Lots of options!!


i agree with you, it’s just ‘the unknown’ going to europe for the first time. exciting though, i’ve been wanting to travel for the last couple of yrs & am finally actually doing it B-)

no at this stage i’ll need to book accommodation in london. so if you have any tips? are your london tours full day tours, were they reasonably cheap?

i actually arrive in europe 2wks before this tour starts, so i’ll probably go to spain for a week first, then london, the tour, and home pretty much straight after. i think i’ll go to a travel agent to see what other options i have in spain. geez, so much to organise isn’t there! but all worth it in the end i’m sure :slight_smile: i wonder who else is going, should be heaps of fun, will be awesome to meet some new people :slight_smile:


I know! I’m excited and nervous about going!! I’ll be ok when I’m ok the plane out of here!

The Leeds castle and Windsor & buckingham tours are 9 hrs but the others are 24 hour!
Are you on facebook? If you are send me your Facebook address and ill add you and send through where I’m staying and pricing etc. That will give you an idea of what pricing is!

I can’t wait :slight_smile:

I’ve been wanting to go for the past 5 years!! So when I get to Paris I’ll have to kick myself!!


What’s your email address Jen? I’ll send it to you via email :slight_smile:

I might look into doing one of those tours, I’ve wanted to go to london for years, can’t go and not see the sights while i’m there! Yes, Paris is going to be amazing!!! are you looking at paying to see a cabaret show?? i’m so keen for that! And Italy…wow, I am sooooo looking forward to Italy! And the casino in Monaco/French Riviera ;D


I just forward it to you in a private message on here, let me know if you don’t get it :slight_smile:

I know i cant wait for Italy, Monaco and Venice!!! The Eastern side looks fun but more history!! I’m really keen to see a cabaret show i hope its Moulin Rouge, but just the experience will be fantastic.

London Tours - The hop on hop off tour is great because you can just wonder at your pace and have a look around, take photos etc where the others were driving to different parts of London and having to leave and be somewhere at a certain time etc.
I think you should come with me!!


a good neck pillow for the long hours on the bus, anywhere up to 8 or 9 hours on the bus with stops every 2 hours breaks arnt long, but you do stop at petrol stations which are similar to road houses but are more elaborate. Our group seemed to live off pringles, never touching them again lol. and stock up on water as you’ll need it. so once you get to a place find a supermarket and stock up on snacks and drinks and stuff.
luggage you’ll be dragging it around pretty much every day, make sure if your going out on the town at night, before you go out to have it packed and ready for the next day. suitcases backpacks, doesnt matter what you take. there are lifts in most of the hotels but be prepaird to use stairs thery’ll be a lot of them.
The hotels, are alright, there only a base, as for the bathrooms in some places be prepaired for a box style set up.
Highlights were Nice, you have to go to waynes bar in the old town.
Monaco for the casinos,
Pag island, is just out of this world. hire mopeds and tear up the island. good for partying when not raining
Italy, you can take it or leave it. Venice is really nice. florence is good as well, Rome, is like paris its really busy like london.
Switzerland: its a lot of walking to the hotel. but lucerne is just awesome
Slovenia is different not a great town, good to shop. try horse
Prague: the best place ever. loved it so much, we want to go back. theres a 5 story nightclub, didnt get to go wasnt well for it. :frowning:
Austria: Um take tissues, you’ll need them
Germany: walking tour is pretty good. as for the hofbrauhaus thats a must
Amsterdam: excellent, the cafes are a must and the sex show is just hilarous.

Just remember to keep your bag you take out for the day zipped up, weather it be a handbag or a backpack, keep it close to you, if its a handbag keep it close to the wall not the street, pick pocketers are very clever. also be prepaired for lots of beggers, street sellers, children and gypsys, there around.

You’ll be forever bumping into other tour groups as well.

With your washing. We pretty much did in on the days we had 2 days in each country, it did mean missing out on things but stuff like that needed to be done. Its cheap in nice but got expensive in venice and Germany. up to 15 euro to washing. all are walking distance from the hotel. the hotel in switzerland offer washing and its cheap.

Enjoy it party hard and get to know ur travel mates. its a life time of fun and memorys. Our times on the bus were never boring.


Yeah I’m hoping it’s Moulin Rouge too Jen! Whatever the show, I’m sure it will be amazing.
Yes, I’m interested in doing the day tours in London with you - I sent you a message B-)

Wow thanks so much for all your advice KateNken!! I was considering investing in one of those pillows. far out, 8/9 hrs is a decent amount of time on the bus alright… And I was trying to decide whether taking a suitcase or a backpack would be better…still undecided on that one. The mopeds on Pag Island sound like alot of fun! I’ve heard Prague is an awesome place, I’ll see if we have better luck with the 5-story nightclub. Thanks again, I appreciate any advice given, especially since you’ve just finished your tour :slight_smile:


and yes its the moulin rouge.