Europe uncovered 11 august who else is going?


Hi guys, im a solo traveller from Tassie, Australia and looking to find out who else has booked to go on the Europe Uncovered 22 day tour departing from London on 11 August 2016. Cheers Mary


Hi Mez,
Me and my wife Vicky are on the tour also.
We are meeting the group in Paris as we are arriving a couple of nights earlier.
Its my first time to europe and altough vicky went when young it is pretty exciting for us both!


Hi David, its good to hear from someone else hwo is going on the trip, i look forward to meeting you and your wife I n Paris, im starting from London. Where are you guys coming from? As i said im coming from Hobart in Tasmania, so have a long flight ahead of me! Ive been to the Uk before but never Europe so im getting pretty excited about the trip too, so your not going to be the only one who has never been to Europe before :slight_smile:


We are from Melbourne Mary, as ud know down in Tassie its freezing also so we cant wait to see some sun! im trying to get a accommodation list, apparently they put them up on a website but i can’t seem to find it?


Yeah i haven’t been able to find the list either, but i should be gettjng all my trip info off my travel agent shortly which should have the hotels listed on the itinerary, so hopefully your paperwork isn’t too far away either. I have some friend who just got back frommdoing the same tour a little while ago and i know they stayed in hotel klassik in berlin and the botel in amsterdam, i looked up both of those and they look ok so if we stay in the same type of accommodation i think it will be fine.

I agree with you about it being cold and looking forward to some nicer weather.