Europe Uncovered 11 Aug


Hi Guys

Just wanting to find out if anyone will be on the Europe Uncovered departing 11 Aug. I’m an Aussie traveling alone and was wondering if anyone else is going on this tour??




I’m doing this tour too. Also travelling alone.




Hi Meg and Lauren,

Myself and my boyfriend Matt are on your tour too. I am so so so excited!!! I am almost packed as we leave Perth on Wednesday and spend 2 days in Dubai and then 5 in London before the tour starts. We are staying at Umi hotel in the lead up to the tour…

So hard working out what clothes to take but i think I am pretty much sorted… I hope. I figure that if we don’t have something we can just buy it.

Hope you ladies are up for some cocktails :slight_smile: woo hoo!!


Hey Guys,

I’m so glad to hear from you!!
I’m flying from the U.S. and I have 2 nights in London before we start the tour. I’m staying in the Hyde Park Towers which is in the same area as the Umi Hotel!! I have no idea what I am going to pack… I’ll probably end up repacking my suitcase like 5 times!

Definitely up for a few cocktails!! So excited!!
I can’t wait to meet you!!
Have fun in Dubai and London!!
See you soon!


Hi Lauren,

I have already packed twice so far and I’m sure when we go to my parents house tonight my Mum will pack it again haha 25 years old and still need my mum to fix up my terrible packing… I’m sure I have way to much but i just can’t help!

We are all going to have so much fun!
See you bright and early at Umi on the 11th :slight_smile: