Europe Uncovered 04/07/18


Hi there. Sydney couple Jay & Laura here :smiley: We’re taking our first trip to Europe and decided top deck looks right for us. So excited, we finally booked everything this week. We already can’t wait (just 264 days to go) :airplane:️:+1::beer: Let us know if you’re going on this trip too. Looking forward to making new friends before we head off on the adventure of a lifetime :woman_artist::guardswoman:t2::v:t2::v:t5:



Tamara here, from NZ. I am also booked to go on this trip! I am travelling alone, so a little nervous but also very excited! Its going to be amazing!


I’m also looking at this trip… getting quotes at the moment I’m 28 (turning 29 while on the trip)and will be travelling solo too!