Europe Uncovered 03 June


[br]Just booked on this tour! count down is on!! whoop whoop!


I booked this a couple of weeks ago! Great to find someone else who’s coming.[br][br]Whereabouts in Australia are you from? Will you be going alone?[br]I’m 22, coming from Auckland and will be travelling by myself. :)[br][br]Alex[br]


melbourne - i’m 26 and i’m bringing my boyfriend who’s 28! can’t wait!


Me too! Still a while to go lol.[br]Add me on msn or facebook if you like, :slight_smile:


Anyone else booked this one yet?


Hi everyone,[br][br]You can add two girls from Perth to the list…


Awesome. [br]When do you arrive in London?


We get into london on 30 May and have a few days there and at Disney before joining the tour in Paris. Counting down the days…


[quote]Originally posted by Trixiebel[br]
Hi everyone,[br][br]You can add two girls from Perth to the list…[br][/quote][br][br]good stuff! I cannot wait!:slight_smile:


hey![br][br]I’m in the process of booking this tour too =) [br][br]Is there anyone out there who’s already been on the Europe Uncovered Tour. Just wondering how they rated their experience, or can suggest any must do’s whilst on this trip


Where are you from Drea? Will you be coming alone?


Paid in full this week so you can count in another couple from the Gold Coast!!! Bring it on!!;D


Awesome. Good to see there’s a few booking it. All Aussies so far it seems though. Apart from the Pom living in NZ which is me!


i’m an Aussie too![br][br]Have any of you done a topdeck tour before? How’d u rate it?


First timers here drea. Wishing for time to fly by now!!


First time for me too. Chose Top Deck based on a recommendation from a friend who did one a year or so ago.


first timers too guys - staying at the Umi hotel the night before tour starts… anyone else?[br]:slight_smile:


I’ll be at the Umi the night before. :slight_smile:


8 friggin weeks this Monday… Wooooooohhhooooooo!!