Europe Uncovered 03 July 07


Hi,[br][br]I know it’s a little early but just interested to see if anyone else out there has or is interested in booking this tour departing on 03/07/06??? I’ve just booked so i’m keen to see who else might be doing this tour. [br][br]Jane :slight_smile:


Hi Jane[br][br]Me and two friends are booked on Europe Uncovered too, but we arent leaving until August 14th. I think you’ll be back before we even go! It looks great, we are really excited!


I did this tour last year it was a really good. [br][br]All I can really say is enjoy


Hi Jane![br][br]You’re probably not checking this message board anymore, but I’m seriously looking into this one departing 3/7/07. Permission from work pending of course![br][br]Have sent you an email - would be great to hear from you![br][br]Penelope


Hi Penelope, [br][br]How are you? It was just by chance i was checking out the forums that i stumbled across your post. I’ve just sent you an email but if it doesn’t work email me directly at because i’m not sure if my emails are working properly from this site. [br][br]Jane :sunglasses: