Europe Uncovered 02 June - 23 June 2016


Hi - My sister and I are booked on this tour and we’re just wondering if anyone else is too?


Im a solo first time traveler from Sydney Australia and I also am booked in for this trip :slight_smile:
im so excited and nervous.



Hi Emma
Good to know we won’t be alone on this tour! We’re from Melbourne and starting to get excited - not too long now :smile:
Shaz & Max


Hi Guys! Im Mel from Brisbane also coming solo and super excited as well ! I have created a facebook page for anyone coming on the trip as well, search Topdeck europe uncovered june 2016


Hey :slight_smile: I’m Misty from Perth, travelling solo and it’s my first time on a TopDeck tour, and first time in Europe - I’m soooo excited! Looking forward to meeting everyone & sharing some incredible experiences… I’ll definitely look up the FB page - thanks for setting it up Mel!


Hey everyone! :smile:

I’m Krystle and I live in Perth!

I have been to Europe last year with some friends but this year travelling solo and single! My first topdeck AHHHH im a bit nervous…I haven’t booked this tour yet but pretty sure I will do these dates as it falls on my birthday June 19th :stuck_out_tongue:

Where are you guys all located? Where are you all staying the night before the tour?


Hey Krystle I’m from Perth too!
Check out the Facebook page that Mel set up - search Topdeckeurope uncovered june 2016… . there’s a few birthdays and single / solo girls on this tour! xxx!


Hi Krystle, I’m also traveling solo and single. First time in Europe :blush: I’m from Sydney. Looking forward to meeting everyone and making some amazing memories. I know a few of us girls are staying at the western burns hotel, which is the hotel the tour leaves from.
Hopefully we can meet a few people in London before we leave.
Not long to go, I’ve already started a countdown. Lol


Hi! My names Kimberley and My partner Ben and I are doing this trip to :grin: we are from Tasmania and although Bens been to Europe before its my first time! Cant wait. Any other couples going to? :blush: