Europe uncovered- 02-24 Aug 2017


Hi All,

I’ve just booked the Europe uncovered tour from 02-24 Aug 2017. So excited as this will be my first trip to Europe. Bit nervous at the same time as a solo traveler.I’ll be 31 next year. Looking to see if anyone else is booked in or thinking of doing the same tour. Would be great to make few friends before i travel. Get in touch if you feel the same. :slight_smile:

Gopika Nilusha


Hello Gopika! Fantastic to see someone who’s booked the same trip! I’ll be in London from the 1st at the departure hotel, so if you’re keen on getting started 24hrs earlier, I’d be down!

Im 25 this year and its my first solo travelling experience as a birthday present to myself! If you’d like to get in touch feel free to hit me up!




Hey mate,
Great to hear that. I’ll be in London on 31st July. Haven’t booked accomodation yet cos waiting for the itinerary to confirm which hotel we will be dapatting from. If you know let me know I’ll book the same. Definitely I’ll be down to getting started before the tour. Where you from? keep in touch


Hey bud,

My flights leave Melbourne on the 31st, so ill be in in London Late evening on the 1st of August.

I’m from Melbourne, and I booked through Escape Travel. They threw in a package deal with a 1 night pre/post accommodation stay at The Best Western Burns Hotel in London. Apparently this is where the tour usually departs. Ask your travel agent to see if you can get it included in your deal or can confirm this hotel is the departure hotel.

Do you know if anyone else has booked the same tour? You’re the first one i’ve had contact with! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info mate. I will look in to that. I haven’t met another either. I’m sure there will be few more when it gets closer. I’m from Melbourne as well. :slight_smile:


No problem! Hopefully that helps you with pre arrival accommodation. I just went and saw my travel agent today to pay more off the trip, and she confirmed this is the departure hotel.

Yeh, there’s still a good 6 months before the tour departs so im sure there will be others!


Cool mate. I’ll keep you informed. May be we can do a bit of sight seeing in London before and after the tour


Just to let you know I’m leaving London on 26 Aug. will stop in Dubai for couple of nights before flying back to Melbourne


No worries. Sounds good! Im doing the uk for 20 days then over to greece for 10 so I’ll be around till you fly out! :slight_smile:


Great !!! Let’s catch up for a drink or two before tour. May be over footy or something. Let me know


Hey mate, sounds like a good idea! I’ll let you know if i can get time off work, I’ve used all my current leave for this trip so I’ll let you know how i go! I work in hospitality so I work weekends. Booo!


Hey bud,

Just checking how’s things with you. Little over two more months left to start the tour. :grinning:


Hey there mate.

Been real busy the last couple of months. Sorry I haven’t had time to catch up! Maybe should get some time before i finish up with work!! I know, Man it’s gone fast! Cannot wait to get into London! I’ve seen he trip is booked out so thats a great sign too! Hows things with you? Hope your’e well!! :slight_smile:


Hey that’s cool mate. My travel agent put me in a hotel close to the BestWestern hotel you will be staying at. Just few hundreds meteres away. Let me know what time you will land in London so we can catch up and explore the city a bit before the tour. Cheers