Europe Trips Tips


Hi All,

Has anyone who has done any topdeck Europe trips got any tips or advice about the tour. Any kind of heads up or helpful info would be most appreciated! I am doing Europe Uncovered departing May 30th.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Hi Rachael I am currently on the 23 day Europe uncovered. You spend a lot of time, like from 8am to 5pm/6pm some days on the bus and there is a 600gb limit of wifi data for the whole trip! So be aware of that. Some hotels aren’t the cleanest I wish I brought a sleeping bag but others have been lovely. I have survived without one though. But yeah other than that it’s been a great trip and people have been lovely. I travelled by myself :grin: hope this helps.


Hi Tahlia,

Thanks for the reply, that’s really helpful!

Wow that is a long time to be sitting on a bus! Do those long trips happen every few days or are they once or twice a trip? I might have to download some movies for the bus trips or look at getting data somehow.

Are there any of the optional extras that you think are definitely worth doing or any that you think are a bit of a waste of time?

What’s the weather like over there at the moment?

Thanks again!
Rachel :slight_smile:


Hey. I did the 28 day Grand European last year. So jealous, you are going to have the best time !!! I recommend taking some stuff for incase you get a chest infection or sore throat. On our trip almost everyone got sick from just the temp differences and circulation iron the bus. Also antiseptic cream, a travel washing line to hang between beds and a power board. They have got little tvs on the busses where they play movies on travel days and on ours we also played games. if you have any questions feel free to add my on fb or message on here and id be happy to answer them :slight_smile: hope you have the most amazing trip


Hi !
So the 600gb… whats that like? how much can you use your phone with that much data?? Do you think its worth maybe buying a travel sim or something… i dunno if ill be able to survive without imessage :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Hi I’m think it lasted me 9 days but I was sending photos and watching snap videos without thinking. You can purchase more data on the bus but it’s expensive like 20 euro for 100gb or something. Definitely worth getting a travel a in cause most hotels the Wi-Fi signal in the bedroom is not good.


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