Europe trip in 2017


HI guys,
im Charlotte from Taiwan. I want to do Europe Tour in 2017. im traveling solo so hopefully i can meet some travel mates on here to join the tour in 2017 and make some everlasting memories together! cheers


Hey Charlotte! I’m travelling to Europe as well next year and going on the Summer Fun & Sailing trip on the 9th of June - definitely a trip to think about doing! I’ll be 23 on the trip and travelling solo as well so would love to meet new people!! X


Hey what dates are you travelling? Have you booked a tour yet? I am doing the Mega European tour Egypt in the 22nd Aug. Just booked it today :slight_smile:



Hi Charlotte

Im Nat from Oz. Myself and a colleague are doing the European Pioneer 18th June tour



Hey! I’ve now changed my tour to the European Pioneer (37 days) that leaves on the 11th of June. Should definitely give it a think! :smiley: