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Hey guys! How much do you recommend for spending money aprox for a month in europe, to use ok top of the tour for extra activties food transport etc, not a whole lot of shopping,



Hi Janice, depends where you’re going and your spending habits. Eastern Europe is cheap for both alcohol and good food when you find it. There are really cheap and a bit more money required options. I’ve travelled a fair bit, so if there are specific countries you’re thinking of going to, please ask. Central Europe especially Switzerland is expensive, so too are the Scandinavian countries. Your tour leader will normally recommend a range of places to eat/ drink.

Generally most trips include a continental breakfast, sometimes lunch and sometimes dinner, depending which trip you do. For a month I would recommend about 50-60 Euro/ a day. A lot of Eastern European countries have their own currency, which can get insane to manage as there values vary. For example in Czechia (Czech Republic) 50 Koruna equates to 3 Australian Dollars. They have notes upto 1000/ 2000 Koruna. And generally only accept cash in small amounts. The notes start at 5000 down to 100. So you can end up with a lot extra notes. Best to take out small (upto 500) at a time. There are ATMs everywhere. Exchanging can also be a pain from different non-EU currencies as their rates of exchange differ.

The tours normally indicate extra options and their costs in the tour details on the Topdeck website. So I’d recommend budgeting for these. Public transport, Uber and taxis are all fairly reasonable. I used Uber in Krakow in Poland last August, probably the easiest. Taxis in Bucharest are cheap. The trams in Prague are cheap as you can usually buy a bulk ticket. There are usually English instructions on the machines. Be careful not to ride for free (without a ticket) as I believe the fines are expensive.

Any questions, please ask :slight_smile:


Hey Janice!

I did the Spirit of Europe in June/July 2016 and budgeted $4000 AUD for the month (including all the optionals), and I came back home with $900 AUD. So the money I spent was on optionals, meals not included in the tour and I bought some clothes over there too but not a heap (eg. just cheaper chains like H&M). I did all the optionals on the tour too.



Hi Charlotte,

I’m doing the spirit of Europe tour this year in June! Are all of the optionals worth it? Is there any way that you wish you hadn’t done?



Sometimes you can not explain it


I have a few trip to europe and would say the accommodation is too costly and the if you avoid food in Restaurants then 50 euro is enough for a day. but you should always be prepared. And the second thing is the cost depends on the country to country France, Germany Czech republic Italy are some expensive countries and spain, Romania, Austria i find cheap compared to others.


Its depend of you


Thanks for sharing your experience.