Europe - Spending Money


Hey guys,

I’ve been getting mixed messages about how much spending money I should take on my 36 day tour of Europe. Has anyone had any experience with how much money per day or overall someone should take on the trip?

It seems I’ve been getting information anywhere from €50 to €120 per day, and that’s a very big differential.

How much are people budgeting per day/per month???



Hi Gemma.

It all depends on your spending habits but my travel agent told me a base amount to aim for is $100.00 a day aud which at the moment is around 74-75 euro. When I sat down and worked out what meals I am going to have to buy and souvineers this seems to be plenty. I have tried as best I could to work out what optional activities I might like to do and budgeted for them separately. If there is a couple I can’t decide on I tried to budget for the most expensive one. If I decide to go for the cheaper option than either way I am covered.

Everyone is different and it depends on where you like to eat and what souvineers you want. the above is how I have tried to approach it. I am hoping it is enough but sitting down and really looking at the inclusions for each day and what I am going to have to pay extra has helped.

Hope this has helped you even a little.