Europe or USA for first time solo traveller?


Help!!! I cant decide whether to do Europe or USA for my first trip by myself?!?!?!?


Hey @kaylahleigh1997
EIther!! You will have a fabulous time no matter what you choose!
…but just remember drinking age in USA is 21. some places can be pretty strict on this and you must use passports as ID
If you are younger than 21 I would def say europe 1st!
Europe is def cheaper food/drinks etc.


I am 22 in July!! so im just safe :slight_smile: haha, just ssoooo indecisive! @leah_mh


haha, perfect!!
you will have a fab time no matter which way you go.
do you have more places in usa or europe that you want to see?


I did solo in America with Topdeck and went with someone for the Europe Topdeck. And there was more solo travellers on the America tour than there was on the Europe tour.
I personally would travel to America solo over Europe but regardless there will be similar people traveling solo like you in both places