Europe Money


Just wondering how much money people reccomend bringing for days travelling in between countries. Do you usually arrive at the destination by afternoon or night and get a chance to explore or do you usually just wait until the next day? E.g. do I need lots of money on a day travelling between the Swiss Alps and Venice? I’m budgeting about fifty euros per day and thinking less for bus days.


Hey there!
Usually for bus days there are stops along the way so I would recommend budgeting for food/snack stops. I did a tour that went from Swiss Alps to Florence and we stopped in Pisa along the way. I didn’t buy anything there but there were lots of shops. So I guess it depends on whether it’s a total driving day, or whether you are visiting a site along the way to Venice (i.e. Verona?).
I’d check the trip notes to make sure but I don’t think you’d need 50 Euros for a travel day.

Hope that helps!!