Europe July 2013


First big trip solo - …well, first big trip! Does anyone have plans to travel Europe in July 2013? Looks like Spirit of Europe is popular and goes to majority of the countries I’d like to visit. I’m 28, from NZ and wondering if anyone else is around the same age. Some of the other tour companies seem to attract a much younger crowd say 18-20 yrs - would be nice to have someone around my age on the trip also. Who’s keen for a July trip?! :slight_smile:



I’m travelling then also! Looking at European Odyssey departing the 27th of july, arriving a few days prior and staying 7 days once the tour finishes.
Also from NZ and im 24 although I will be 25 by the time the tour comes round :slight_smile: Can’t wait! Booking flights tomorrow!


Yeah House of Travel have a big expo tomorrow - will go along and suss out a few things, was hoping to do a stopover in Hawaii on the way home, though don’t know if that’s a possibility as most are via Asia?
Just looked at European Odyssey - looks like fun! Spirit of Europe goes to a few more places I’d like to visit though :slight_smile:


Hi , im 26 years old first solo BIG trip for me too… i am wanting to do the 2nd july - 29th July Grand european as does croatia and Spain goodies …Ive been told! After im thinking of doing greek islands or scandinavia too>>?? havent decided really but im from Australia Sydney if u want to chat :slight_smile:


also I’m stopping off at DUBAI for 4 days on way home thought it would be a nice change of scenery


Hi carebear,

I will be staying at the clink from the 28th June and will be departing for my tour 2nd of July. I’m Doing the mega euro so maybe ill see you there😊


Hey Ashley.kate, How’d you get on with your flights? Any good deals? Apparently as soon as you book a return from London to NZ you get whopped with a $200 surcharge!

Carebear, yeah that looks a good trip too - I really want to go to Budapest tho!
and yeah - Dubai definitely a change of scenery!


Hey Excited! All booked and paid for!! Super stoked!! Flights were $2500 each for all of this…
Our trip looks like this
22nd July Auckland > London (via Singapore and Frankfurt) Flying with Singapore airlines and then we change onto Lufthansa (german airline) and go fly to London through them with a transit in Frankfurt
And then on the way back we have decided to leave the tour in Amsterdam and make our own way round for 10 days and we fly out of Frankfurt on the 22nd of August to Singapore. 5 days in Singapore and then home.
Reason we are doing it this way is I didn’t see the point in going back to London when we are wanting to make our way around Europe after the tour. We might want to go somewhere we haven’t been or back to somewhere we love, that part of the trip is gonna be all on a whim :slight_smile:

Your right about the airport taxes so we avoided those :slight_smile:
Our travel agent has managed to save us $1200 each on flights and a discount on the tour, yay us :slight_smile:

Bring on July!!


Im looking at doing the european getaway tour at the end of june (either 22 or 25th).

The european getaway seems to go to the majority of places I want to visit.

Let me know if anyone decides to do this tour!
Id love to meet some people before i go.



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