Europe Inspired: May 18th - June 12th 2018


Hey all,
My names Ally and I’m from Sydney, Australia.
I’m booked to go on the Europe Inspired tour departing May 18th 2018.
Would love to hear from anyone else thinking about doing this trip or that is already booked on it?
Cheers, Ally :blush:


Hey Ally!

Im from Melbourne, Australia. Thinking about booking this one as well. tough decision as there are so many options!



I definitely reckon this trip is the best value for your money, 12 countries for under $3000!
These dates were actually cancelled so I was moved too the 1st of June tour! :tada:
Good luck :slight_smile:


Hey Ally!

Are you still booked for the 1st of June trip ?
I am all booked for that trip :slight_smile:



Yeah I sure am, download the topdeck app because there are a couple of other people on there as well. :relieved: