Europe Inspired 9 September


I am 19 years old and from South Africa. A mate and I are keen to do Europe Inspired departing 9 September. Anyone else thinking of that trip? We are keen to connect with fellow travelers before departure :slight_smile:


Hey man, I’m doing the Europe Inspired trip leaving 11 September. I’m also South African but i’m in the UK at the moment. Let me know if you doing it !



Hey Tristan! I’m on that tour! My name is Bo, female from Australia, I’ll be arriving at Wombats Hostel in London on the 10th Sept. Will you be staying there too? I’ve connected with another girl also travelling solo on tour by the name of Stacy, also Australian, would be great to get a group together say the night before we leave on our tour so we can all get to know each other!


I’ve made a fb group for our tour guys. Looking forward to meeting you all x


hi!!! im also on that tour! im gisela from argentina and ill be travelling solo ! SEE U IN SEPTEMBER!