Europe inspired 2nd June


Hey everyone! Was wondering if anyone is going to be on the Europe inspired trip departing on the 2nd of June? Would be great to have a chat!


I will be! I haven’t seen anyone else on the forum yet though…


Yay! Yeah neither have I yet haha…hopefully some more people have a look on here! Is this your first topdeck trip?


No this is my first trip! Have you done any before?


No this is also my first trip with topdeck so very excited!!


Also feel free to add me on Facebook if that’s easier to chat! It’s jess white and my dp is the same as on here :smile:


I’m going on that trip! Are you guys coming in earlier to London and staying at the Wombats hostel where the tour departs from?


Aw cool add me on Facebook if you like! I’m heading in earlier but staying with a family friend who lives just out of London :slight_smile: how early are you getting there?


I’ll be arriving the night before, not totally sure where i’ll be staying though!


I’ll be staying at the wombats hostel (where we leave from) the night before we leave so might meet you guys there before the trip:)


I’m considering going on this trip, or possibly the European Adventure. It’s not an easy decision! :slight_smile: I love that this trip does eastern europe and Denmark as well.