Europe Inspired 2016, 06/05/16-31/05/16


Hi All,

I’m thinking about doing the Europe Inspired trip next summer 06/05/16-31/05/16 and I’m planning on going solo! Just wondering if anyone already booked up for this tour or they’re planning on?

I’m from England! :slight_smile:

Kennedy x


Hey Kennedy!

I have booked this trip with my travel agent STA travel. I too will be going solo!

I’m from New Zealand!

Hannah :smile:


Hello Kennedy and Hannah,

I’ve also booked with my travel agent flight centre. I’ll be on my own as well.

I’m from Brisbane, Australia



Hey guys!! This is awesome seeing some people who are also in this trip :slight_smile: im from Brisbane and flying solo for it also!


Hi all! Just been looking at this trips and just wondering how old everyone is as don’t want to be the youngest :speak_no_evil:
Would be flying solo… From England! X


Grace I’m 19!!! Please come we can make this fun :heart_eyes: hahaha :slight_smile:


Really?! Okay I might actually have to do this now! :smiley:


Yes!! Can you please!! How old are you ?
Add me on Facebook? :slight_smile: Zoe Cobb


I’m 18!:smiley: I have xx


Hey team, Sorry Nichole! I don’t get any notifications when people reply here. And Zoe I’m 22 but you should totes come along! The more the merrier! Shall we start a Facebook group? :grinning::grinning:


Hey, I’m 22. So roughly around the same age bracket.


Hey Nicole ! :slight_smile:

Add me on Facebook “Zoe Cobb” and I can add you to our tour page! X


Hello strangers
Booked this trip solo, glad to see so many people going :v:t3:️ 18 from Brisbane


Hey Everyone !!!
my friend Jessica and I are coming on the first half of this tour finishing up in Budapest.
We are from the Sunshine Coast Australia and are super beyond excited.


Hey Cassidy!

So good to meet you!
If you’d like to add me on Facebook, then i can join you to the little tour group we’ve got going to get to know eachother before we depart!

Zoe x


Hi Kennedy, I am also travelling solo and thinking of doing the 20th May tour ! Never traveled overseas or solo !


Hey everyone! I’m also looking to travel solo on this trip. Glad to see there are a bunch of us! I’m 22 from Canada.



Hey Kelly :slight_smile: We have a Facebook group going. Feel free to add me on Facebook. It’s Hannah Louise :slight_smile:


Hey all! My friend Haylee and i are both 21 and are from New Zealand. We are so excited to start this tour in 4 weeks!!! let us know if anyone will be in London before hand, if you want to meet before the tour starts! :smile:


Hey Dani :slight_smile: we have a bit of a FB page going on Facebook for everyone who’s registered for the tour so far :slight_smile: feel free to add any of us on Facebook and we’ll add you to it ! Try searching Zoe Cobb :slight_smile: I am from Australia x