Europe inspired 1st july 2016


Hi! Just wanted to see if there was anyone else embarking on this tour too?!!
Keen to party up with you


Hey! Was just checking on the same thing haha. I’ll be meeting up with all you guys on the 8th in Venice for the last 19 days, has the Excitement set in yet?! Waay too keen to get out of Perth! Spewing i miss out on the Swiss Alps and France but haha


Aw cool! I’m sure the rest of the trip will be heaps of fun, don’t worry haha!
And yeah same, so keen to get away from Aust winter!!


Yeah no doubt about that ! Haha yeah 100%, its dropping to 8 degrees this week… The thoughts of being on a beach somewhere in Europe is the only thing getting me through!
Are you travelling alone? Hopefully more people start replying as it gets closer hey haha


Yes so glad to be escaping winter for a bit haha!
My younger brother is coming with me!
And yeah I hope so!!! Haha


Not long now, so keen to meet everyone.
Gonna be hectic, who’s ready?!


hey guys, super excited to meet you all! anyone staying at the Wombats hostel the night before?


Yeah we are at the Wombats from now until the start of our trip so will see you soon :slight_smile: