Europe Inspired 17th June 2016


I am going on the Europe inspired tour on June the 17th and I was just wondering if anyone else had booked on :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve booked for this trip too. I’m so excited!! :blush:


Hey, my wife and I will be along for the ride.
Counting down the days :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m on this trip too, travelling solo, I can’t wait for it :smiley:


Hi guys :slight_smile:️yeah I am travelling solo! So excited! Where are you all from? I’m from Birmingham, England


Hi guys, I am also going on the trip! I am from Tasmania, Australia :smile:


Hey im on the trip to start with doing the mountains and beaches so i finish in Hungry. So excited! Im from New Zealand, where is everyone else from?


I’m from Perth, Australia :smile:


I’m from Dunedin, New Zealand :slight_smile:


Hey I am going to make a Facebook group but I need at least one friend on Facebook to make it. Everyone should add me :blush:
Kelsey Jacobson, Ashburton, NZ


Hey Guys, I’m from brisbane, Australia and will be on the trip!!


Hey guys, i’ll also be traveling solo. Im from Newcastle, NSW, Australia . Cant wait!!! Counting the days :grinning:


Im coming!!! im in Newbury, England on a working gap year but originate from Taranaki, New Zealand. Plus im also travelling solo!!


Hey we have a Facebook group. Find me and I’ll add you
Kelsey jacobson


Just booked into this trip! (One of the last 2 seats). I’m a Kiwi girl recently moved to London. Can’t wait!


There are a tonne of Kelsey jacobsons. What’s your profile pic?


kelsey jacobson, ashburton, new Zealand. I should come up. photo of 2 blonde chicks


Hey guys I’m from Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, and I am also going to be on this trip.