Europe in Winter / January: How bad is it?


Hey all.
Hoping for some reassurance from some that have experienced Europe in January.
I’m looking to do Caesars Pathway (Rome, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam) towards the end of Jan / early Feb.

How freezing / rainy is it and if it is bad, how is the mood atmosphere on the bus? evenings?

I’m from sunny South Africa so not used to the cold. Last December I did London, Paris, Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland) and Rome to the weather was GREAT. I was walking around in T shirts most of the time (besides the Alps where I froze a bit but it was still fun). I believe Budapest / Prague also get cold. Could January be that different to what I experienced?

I just wouldn’t like it to be raining 24/7 so that we can’t do anything. Some feedback from those with experience would be wonderful.

Thanks :blush:



I went to all those places last year in Feb/Mar. I had beautiful weather for about 95% of the trip, I think it only rained like once or twice. The places that were more Eastern Europe were beautiful and warm and the others were a little cooler but still really nice weather.


Thank you Jessica!


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