Europe Express...


hi everyone!

Been looking at the europe tours but cos im pretty short on time was looking at the europe express one. Anyone got any comments about it?? Also do i go at the same time as oktoberfest or try to go at a warmer time. Compromise!! haha although i guess the weather cold still be good at the end of sept…

Any thoughts would be good :slight_smile: x


Hi lorna
I’ve booked in for 7th June to 17th June on Europe Express. I considered trying for the Oktoberfest timeframe, but I’d rather the better weather for the whole tour, rather than cooler weather for the beerfest. Also, as an Aussie, I’d rather escape our winter than our spring :wink: Personal preference of course. I figure packing clothes might be easier for warmer weather, as opposed to having to pack for both types of weather hehe.
Before I head on tour I’m spending a few days in Edinburgh and then Peebles in Scotland, with some extended family :slight_smile: