Europe Express Tour


Hi all,
My name is Cecelia (Cece) and I’m going on the Europe express tour that leaves London on the 17th of July. I’m travelling on my own so would love to get to know who else is going on the tour before it leaves.
I look forward to hearing who I shall be travelling with soon!
😀 x


Hey Cece!
I’m going on this tour as well! However, I will be meeting the group in Paris. Im travelling on my own too.

Amy :slight_smile:


Hey girls!!
My best friend and I are going on this tour too and will be meeting up in Paris!
Seriously can’t believe how quick it’s coming up, can’t wait to go on this adventure!
Lindsay xx


Hey Lindsay,

It’s coming up so fast isn’t it! Its just over 3 weeks now. Is this your first time travelling to Europe?



Hey Amy and Lindsay!
Yay! How exciting ! I know it’s coming up so fast! Can’t wait! I just watched the movie Taken tho which is slightly unnerving when thinking about going away lol
Cece x


Haha Cece! That probably wasn’t the best movie to watch before hopping on a plane :stuck_out_tongue: Where about in the world are you guys all from?
It’s 2 weeks now! :smiley:


No I don’t think it was! Well I’m technically from Adelaide in South Australia but am now living in England. What about you Amy ?
Cece ☺️


Ahh I’m from Queensland! The heatwave that England had a couple of days ago must have reminded you of Adelaide haha. Must be freezing in winter, considering it’s 15 degrees here and Im still wearing my fluffy socks :stuck_out_tongue: What made you move to England?



Ah nice ! I was in Queensland in April coz my cousins and grandparents live there and I was there for my cousins wedding. Was nice and warm there then tho. Yeh it did although it’s still quite warm here. It’s strange coz 25 degrees here can feel a lot hotter as the houses are not designed for this weather and they keep the heat in plus it’s much more humid here. Reminds me of Queensland more than Adelaide I think. Well I’ve always wanted to work and live as I have family here and I have a British passport cos my parents were born here. I’m just working as a nanny atm looking after a family friends baby. Not really what I want to do forever but I love kids and want to travel as much as possible so it’s good for now.
What do you do ?
Cece 😊


Thats so true! All the houses would be designed to keep the heat in so it would feel so much hotter. The humidity would be so much worse, it feels like your cooking haha.I haven’t been to Adelaide myself but I have been told it can be described at a ‘dry heat’. (Not sure if you can tell but I’m a bit of a weather fanatic). I wonder what the weather would be like in the rest of Europe, we’ll soon find out! I’m currently a student in my second year at University studying a dual degree of Journalism/Arts but I also work part-time in retail. So it’s a bit hectic but it works lol. Have you been around Europe before?



Yeh that’s exactly right! Adelaide is much more dry heat compared to qld and especially compared to here in England cos it rains so much more. I have been to Queensland many times so I know the weather there quite well. It’s funny cos in Aus if I got burnt I would just be bright red then peel but the sun is a lot less harsh and intense here so I just gradually tan here really… So much better haha! Yeh well think it’s going to be quite nice and warm most of the places we go just not Switzerland. I’ve thinking bout the weather and what to pack cos I suck at packing lol. Oh nice ! What university do you go to ?
No I haven’t been to any of Europe before so this is super exciting! If you want to add me on Facebook just look up ‘Cecelia Emery’ and I’m sure you will find me ☺️


OMG SAME! I’m so bad with packing, I don’t want to pack too much but at the same time I don’t want to pack too little. I saw on the optional activities we can go to the highest peak and see the snow ,so it’s going to be freezing. Then we’ll get to Venice and it’ll be too hot haha. I’m at the University of Queensland in Brisbane which is huge compared to other universities in the area.There is over 40000 students alone and they are currently planning to accommodate up to 50000 within the next couple of years, so it’s only going to get bigger! Do you plan on studying?

There are so many Cecelia’s! Haha Does your profile picture have 6 mini photo’s in it?



Haha really ??! Thought my name was quite unique lol
Yeh mine has 6 mini pics in it :slight_smile:


I think I found you haha. It should come up with Amy Reibelt, otherwise I’ve added a stranger haha.



Ahhh hey girls, sorry just realised someone responded!! I’ve been in England for the past year and have travelled to France, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Hungary so far! My friend who is coming with me hasn’t been anywhere so it’ll be fun to see someone experience it all for the first time!! SO so so excited, cannot believe it’s literally in like 5 days!

Hope you two don’t mind if I add you guys on Facebook too :slight_smile:


Of course it was ok that you added me on Facebook to Lindsay! Took me awhile to work out who it was tho lol
Wow ! You have travelled to so many places already ! I’ve been in England 6 months and been to no where near that many places although I have been back to Australia for April. I have travelled a fair bit of Englad and and Scotland so far as well but that’s it. Not for much longer tho hehe :slight_smile:
Will be seeing you in a few days !


Hey Lindsay!
It’s all good to add me :slight_smile: I’ve been along the coast around home and I have been to Taiwan, but this is my first big adventure by myself! Im so excited! Not long now :smiley:



I know I’ve been very fortunate so far to get to be able to go to all those cool places! I’m so excited for Paris though :slight_smile: Ahhh good girls glad I found you two on fb, cannot wait to meet you two and everyone else! Hard to believe it is literally less than 2 days away!!